Coediog Carving

Coediog was created by Mike Davies in mid-2018 to showcase his hand-carved wooden spoons and pendants.

Other than commissions my works are influenced by nature and myths and legends. A former Welsh guardsman, I started carving as a form of relaxation and soon got hooked.
I believe in ‘practicing what I preach’ and make every effort to reuse, recycle, reclaim and up-cycle materials for my work. I use only responsibly-sourced wood for projects and do not harvest living wood, but instead rely on wood that is gifted in some way – often from storm-damage, drift wood, dead-fall and sometimes other people’s prunings. All items are hand carved in Dyserth using a hatchet and a variety of knives and palm chisels.

I’m always happy to discuss commissions and to work with you to create a special and unique item.

Visit the Coediog Carving shop here