Every day, when I wake up, I thank the Lord I’m Welsh

International Velvet, Catatonia

A light-hearted look at what it is to be Welsh (warning: some strong language):

Welsh football has experienced a revolution. On the pitch, they started 2010 ranked 117th in the world, the lowest point in their history. Yet by 2015 they had even surpassed England to reach a high of 8th. A Euros semi-final followed and Wales found themselves in the fight for a first World Cup spot since 1958. The fans, inspired by their team, have created a special culture as their under-threat language is given a space to thrive. Directed by Greg Caine, ‘Independent Football Nation’ tells the story of how following Welsh football, particularly on away trips, has become the quintessential expression of a modern, bilingual Welsh identity. Credit: Copa90 Stories

And, on a slightly more serious note…

And, on a slightly LESS serious note…