VELINDRE Cancer Centre is a specialist cancer diagnostic and treatment centre located on the perimeter of Cardiff. We provide services to over 1.5 million people across south- east Wales and beyond. Each year we treat over 5,000 new referrals and around 50,000 outpatients. Our staff of over 670 work as a close-knit team. Our aim is to provide you and your family with the best possible care and treatment.

We provide specialist cancer and blood services across south and mid Wales through Velindre Cancer Centre and the Welsh Blood Service. Delivering quality, care and excellence to our patients and donors is at the heart of our organisation.

Velindre University NHS Trust provides a range of specialist services which deliver outstanding outcomes. Our staff are highly motivated, and work tirelessly to provide high quality, responsive services to patients and donors. Our research is world class, and many of our clinicians and scientists are leaders in their field with international reputations.

The Trust’s Service, Workforce and Financial Framework (SWFF), ’Delivering Quality, Care and Excellence’ describes how we will make further progress towards our goals and realise our vision.

We are one of the largest cancer centres in the UK. Each year over 5,000 new referrals and around 50,000 new outpatient appointments are seen by us. We employ over 670 staff with an annual budget of over £79 million.

Patients referred to Velindre Cancer Centre come under the care of Clinical and Medical Oncologists. Oncologists specialise in the non-surgical treatment of cancer. Velindre Cancer Centre is the main centre for these services, however we also provide outpatient clinics and other out-based chemotherapy services at other sites.

Patient numbers have risen in recent years as advances in cancer treatment and diagnosis continue to be made. This increase is reflected by the increased need for highly skilled and experienced staff. We play a significant role in educating and training health care professionals to meet these future demands.

The cancer centre is host for the Clinical Oncology section of the University of Wales College of Medicine. This is led by Professor Malcolm Mason and Professor Ilora Finlay (palliative medicine).

As well as specialist Oncology and Palliative training, Velindre also provides training for:

  • cancer nurses;
  • pharmacists;
  • medical physicists and provides clinical placements for therapeutic radiography students from the University of Wales College of Medicine.

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